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Foods That Make Your Breasts Bigger – Traditional Foods With Phyto-Estrogens

The word “diet” is commonly associated to “weight loss” for most women.

What is less known is that fact that you can gain bust size increases by consuming the right foods that make your breasts bigger with many of these easily found in local grocery and health stores.


You will find that many of these foods contain a group of compounds known as phyto-estrogens. These are compounds that mimic and regulate the behaviour of estrogen, a female hormone that controls numerous female reproductive functions include the development of breasts.

With the right quantities of this compound within your body, conducive hormonal levels can be re-established that will lead to natural breast growth.

Traditional foods

Soy products, cereal, bread, lentils, wheat germ, fruits and vegetables (e.g. carrots, celery) as well as oil seeds (e.g. flax seeds) are some common foods that contain phyto-estrogens.

Aside from these, there are traditional herbs that are rich in this compound such as fenugreek, wild yam, damiana leaves and dong quai.

[Note: As a rule of thumb, the herbs mentioned are not suitable for women who are pregnant or lactating as well as those with existing medical conditions. For more information on herbal safety guidelines, please CLICK HERE.]

Supplements with Breast Enhancing Herbs

Regular and consistent preparation and consumption of traditional foods mentioned earlier is required for bust gains – and this may not be the best approach for women who have very tight daily schedules.

If you are one who are always busy or on the road, you may want to consider the convenience of supplements that are specially formulated with herbal ingredients that can make your breasts bigger.

In particular, you may want to check out this 100% herbal-based supplement that has safely helped thousands of females realize full cup size gains within a few months. To know more, please CLICK HERE.

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